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Legal Support For Nonprofits

Operating a nonprofit organization involves all the challenges and pressures of running a business, plus a  host of additional legal considerations. The experienced attorneys of Cameron & Mittleman LLP, provide comprehensive guidance to nonprofit organizations to help them thrive and evolve in their missions.

Since 1986, our law firm has represented nonprofit entities across many sectors, including those in health care and human services, as well as organizations that conduct research, teaching and training. Our services cover the spectrum from startup and governance to regulatory compliance, mergers and legislative advice.

Meeting The Needs Of Nonprofit Entities

Cameron & Mittleman LLP, recognizes the important role that nonprofit organizations play and the unique legal issues they encounter. Our partner-led practice is known for nimble response and customized solutions that anticipate problems and clear barriers to our clients’ goals.

We serve nonprofit clients of all sizes and in all phases of operations:

Work With A Firm That Understands Your Challenges

Our broad background in corporate law, health care law, employment matters and transactions, along with our specific knowledge of nonprofit law, enables to us to confidently guide you and problem-solve legal issues that arise. Call Cameron & Mittleman LLP, at 401-331-5700 or connect with us online.

Two of our partners practice in this area: