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Alternative Negotiation Outside Of Court

In some cases, alternative resolution modalities are better suited for resolving business-related legal issues. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can involve arbitration or mediation. ADR can be voluntary or compulsory. At Cameron & Mittleman LLP, our highly skilled ADR team understands both the benefits and challenges that these alternative modalities encompass.

The Potential Benefits Of ADR

Businesses find ADR to be more private and less formal than resolving issues through the courts. Additionally, small businesses benefit from the fact that ADR is typically more efficient and less costly than traditional litigation. The outcomes reached via ADR are usually more acceptable to both parties because these modalities involve the parties in reaching a resolution. The two most common ADR modalities are:

  • Arbitration: One to three arbitrators hear from both parties. The decision reached is binding.
  • Mediation:  A facilitator who is extensively trained works with all parties to produce an acceptable solution. The resolution is not necessarily binding.

In general, the parties who partake in ADR feel more empowered during the process. Parties are provided the platform to “say their piece,” which engenders a sense of agency. When applied in the appropriate context, ADR modalities are viewed as practical, flexible and adaptable. Other reported benefits from ADR include:

  • It’s less disruptive to day-to-day operations.
  • Results are typically a compromise rather than one-sided.
  • Participants tend to be compliant with the agreed-upon resolution.
  • It’s better for maintaining relationships.
  • It’s a constructive way to resolve an issue that could potentially be pernicious to stability or operations.

When To Choose ADR

For business owners concerned about the upheaval, time and cost of traditional litigation, ADR may be a good option. In many cases, when both parties are committed to finding an outcome that works, ADR is the viable choice. Working with a team of proven and experienced business attorneys is one way to ensure that your business interests are protected. As an established firm for corporate and business law, we offer a vast portfolio of legal services.

Work With An Established ADR Team

The team at Cameron & Mittleman LLP, has an established record for assisting business clients in ADR. Workplace disputes happen, and in some cases, informal negotiations are appropriate and in alignment with business goals. Call 401-331-5700 to speak with a member of our team. You can also access us via website inquiry email. Located in Providence, we serve the ADR needs of clients throughout Rhode Island.

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