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Comprehensive Merger And Acquisition Guidance

The time before and during a merger or acquisition can be tense. In many cases, the leaders and employees of the companies have fears and doubts. In addition, there are multiple legal facets that need to be skillfully managed.

The team at Cameron & Mittleman LLP, has extensive merger and acquisition (M&A) experience. From inception to final steps, we are the trusted firm for guidance to see it through.

Successful Management Of Common M&A Issues

While every company and every deal are a little different, all M&A processes have some things in common. Our team offers assiduous assistance with:

  • Overseeing the delivery of pertinent records of contracts, financial information and meeting notes/minutes
  • Administration and execution of gathering and storing relevant and sensitive information
  • Preparation of the disclosure schedule
  • Obtaining requisite consents for a change of control transaction
  • Leadership agreements and negotiations such as nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Employee relations, communication and other issues
  • Escrow consultations
  • Consultation and negotiation of specific terms of the deal, including price, warranties, holdbacks, covenants, scope and inclusion of indemnity, et cetera.

Our team is composed of attorneys with a broad base of legal experience. We work with one another to ensure that your M&A transaction proceeds smoothly in the direction of your goals. Our team has the specific M&A knowledge, experience and skill that is required for these multifaceted transactions. Additionally, as a corporate and business law firm, our team of attorneys is well-versed in laws pertaining to banking and finance, as these are imperative skills in these transactions.

Get The Resources Necessary For A Successful M&A Transaction

Since 1986, our team has provided M&A assistance to medium and large firms in Rhode Island. From identifying your objectives and potential legal issues to advising on road maps and time frames to gaining regulatory approval, obtaining third-party consents and closing the deal, we are the proven M&A team. Call 401-331-5700 to speak with a member of our team. You can also reach our Providence office via this website contact email.

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