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Creditor And Debtor Representation For Bankruptcy And Reorganization Matters

At Cameron & Mittleman LLP, our distinguished team of attorneys handles Chapter 11 reorganizations, representing both debtors and creditors. When your business is facing make-or-break litigation, it is important to partner with a proven team of legal professionals with an established reputation and record.

Providing Trustee And Receivership Counsel In Many Courts In Two States

We represent clients before the United States bankruptcy courts in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, inclusive of appellate practice before the U.S. district courts and the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (BAP). Our attorneys have extensive experience in state court receiverships and all other types of insolvency and reorganization and adversary proceedings before the state and federal courts.

Our dedicated bankruptcy team has decades of experience in all types of workouts and restructuring transactions. The team attorneys have acted as Chapter 11 trustees, as counsel to both Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 trustees, as counsel to creditors’ committees, as state court receivers and as counsel to state court receivers.

A Strong Rhode Island Receivership Practice

The receivership law and, as a result, the receivership practice in Rhode Island is somewhat unique as compared to the insolvency and/or business reorganization practice in other states. The receivership law is often used with great success to resolve disputes between partners, members and/or shareholders.

The Rhode Island receivership law applies to all forms of business entities and can be used to:

  • Rehabilitate businesses
  • Sell businesses
  • Restructure businesses
  • Allow for a necessary infusion of capital
  • Maintain employment in Rhode Island

Our attorneys regularly counsel clients who are experiencing financial problems with respect to out-of-court restructuring solutions in both their secured and unsecured indebtedness. With our broad base of knowledge and experience, we are able to offer seasoned receivership guidance, no matter what the situation is. Turn to us for assistance with your corporation and business law needs.

Get Receivership And Bankruptcy Counsel From A Trusted Firm

As a firm with an established receivership and bankruptcy reputation, we offer trusted and proven guidance. Call 401-331-5700 or send us a confidential contact email to begin. Located in Providence, we serve clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Attorneys who represent clients in this area: